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Carmei Har Hanegev Farm

Situated in the "Land of Craters" in Israel's spectacular Negev desert, you will find that the climate at the Carmei Har Hanegev Farm is surprisingly cool and dry in summer. But the flash floods and snow-covered peaks in winter are what will make your visit an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience. The farm provides 5 B&B guestrooms, 3 suitable for families and 2 for couples. For the comfort and convenience of visitors to the region, we also offer 3 hospitality tents of varying sizes and a camping site highly recommended for the fifth consecutive year by the prestigious "Mapa" tourism website.
In every corner of the farm you can see signs of the great thought and attention devoted to the smallest details. Most importantly, you will instantly feel the warm and welcoming hospitality.

We are always delighted to host visitors from near and far. (-:

A meteor shower at Carmei Har Hanegev Farm

In the best tradition of Carmei Har Hanegev Farm – every summer – in collaboration with Bareket Star Observatory, we hold a meteor 'stardust' shower of fascinating lectures and star-gazing.
For further information and registration, please call us at: +972-508-725-233

Merlot / Muscat

Two family B&B guestrooms

Merlot and Muscat guestrooms share a sitting area and built-in barbecue grill.
Each room is suitable for a couple with up to 3 children
Prices are uniform throughout the year except for holidays, when they are higher and minimum booking is for 2 nights.
There is an additional charge per person, from age 2 and up.


This B&B guestroom is suitable for a couple, featuring a private wooden terrace looking out over the farm and the enchanted desert landscape
During holidays, minimum booking is for 2 nights.


This B&B guestroom is suitable for a couple, featuring a uniquely-shaped bathtub.
During holidays, minimum booking is for 2 nights.

Hospitality tents

Our hospitality tents fit all year round. it is are air-conditioned and feature high-quality mattresses

Camping site

It is possible to hstay with private tents at our camping site.

Camping Site at Carmei Har Hanegev Farm

About Us and the Farm

Carmei Har Hanegev Farm, located in the serene yet spectacular Negev desert, near the Ramon Crater and the town of Mitzpe Ramon, is part of an agricultural-tourism project called "Wine Route in the Desert".
The farm is the fulfillment of the dream of one family, the Kashkash family.
Our family includes Yossi, a retiree of the Israel Air Force, where he served at the Ramon Air Force Base, and Yehudit, an accomplished artist, and our three children. We couldn't resist the charm and captivating landscapes of the "Land of Craters" in the Negev and decided to make this remarkable place our home.
In addition to offering the finest, one-of-a-kind B&B guestrooms, hospitality tents and camping site, we also grow and produce our own wine and olive oil, which can be purchased on the premises.
We are highly service-minded, always aspiring to shower our guests with warm hospitality and a welcoming smile